Supporting the delivery process in SAP ERP integrating the ePOS cash register system

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this thesis, I write about a part of my implemented works established at a significant Hungarian project of the company named SAP Hungary Ltd. This thesis also includes some other works that I implemented outside of the project, but to fully demonstrate my previous developments they have become necessary as well.

My goal was to design and implement an IT system which establishes and maintains an electronic connection between a distribution center and hundreds of retail outlets. My role was limited to the delivery and receiving process of the materials, therefore, briefly, it was about forwarding the delivery data to the sellers, getting the information of the receiving procedure, and handling, managing, and recording of any occurrent differences.

So I have chosen such developments to my thesis’s theme which were fully made for business needs and business orders. It also means that I’m writing about programs – created by me – which will be used by the employees of a big company in everyday life sooner or later. Therefore, the proximity of the implemented system and the real life, the everyday course of business is not inconsiderable, not to mention the movement of the large-scale, multi-hundred-million-forints-valued materials which is the base of my programs.


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