Development of an augmented reality based building game on mobile platform

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Augmented reality is the most interesting and most rapidly advancing technology of our days. Using it we can remake our known reality with the support of only a camera and some calculations.

The calculations are done by the CPUs which using different algorithms reads the video stream, finds the information we need (patterns) and applies our transformations, models onto it, and puts this augmented, expanded reality on our display. Let it be a computer’s monitor, or a mobile phone’s display.

My goal was to create a game, where the user can build a castle in even the middle of his/her home, with the mobile phone.

For this I needed a framework, more precisely a game engine, and an augmented reality plugin. After I found and put these to work, I created the game for Android and Windows Phone.

In the first half of the development phase, I created the prototype of the game, which concentrated only on the functions. The completed product has been refactored to be more userfriendly, this take up most of the second half.

In the game we have a physical cube, which we can fix in different positions, creating a new building.


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