Development of an augmented reality based educational software

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The number of smartphone users will exceed the two billion in 2016 according to statistics, so almost every third person will have one. Nowadays these devices are suitable not only for telephony. In addition to the millions of social and amusing applications, we can find useful apps which help us to increase our knowledge with new information about the world. With these possibilities smartphones can play an important role in the modern education. Is it possible?

The aim of my thesis is to give an answer for this question with the presentation of a possible solution. The project contains the implementation of an application which can be an excellent educational tool. It uses the technology of augmented reality to reach this goal which is becoming more popular and it is developed very fast.

The first part of my thesis shows the technology of augmented reality, then the requirements of educational applications are summarized.

After the overview of the theoretical basis, the implementation steps are shoved. The design decisions, used technologies and the implementation also described in this chapter.

Finally the thesis ends with the appraisal of the application and the opportunities of further development.


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