Augmented reality translation application on Android

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the past decade, smartphones have showed great progress. Today, their computing capacity is higher than the desktop computers had a decade ago, and this difference is still decreasing. The computationally intensive technologies and solutions, which were only available in desktop environment or embedded systems, are accessible on smartphones today. These technologies combined with the mobility and the sensors provided by phones and tablets, allow number of opportunities for application developers.

This paper covers the design and development of an application, which combines technologies like these, and extends them with the new potentials provided by smartphones. The application recognizes the text content on the camera image, translates it, and presents the results to the user. For detection the application uses optical character recognition, then translates the content with computer-assisted translation. With the translated content and the visual attributes of the original text, the application uses augmented reality to display the original image with the translated text. The translated content covers the original one, in order to achieve the effect of presenting the translated text in the environment of the original content.

The paper introduces these technologies briefly and evaluates the similar solutions supported by augmented reality. It details the available solutions with optical character recognition support and the application of this technology, then the translator module is discribed. After that, the camera image processing and the augmented reality supported presentation module are detailed. In the end, the application testing and the evaluation of the finished solution can be found.


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