Augmented reality application development on Android platform

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The augmented reality is a novel development area in today’s world. There has been

some attempts however the technological advancement only now available to reach vast

majorities of people, users. Since the manufacturers have built in the high quality sensors

and high definition camera(s) into the smartphones allowing to scan the real space so the

technology development got a new boost. For this reason it is deserving to analyse, on one

big platform: the Android, what possibilities are present for both the users and software

developers in the augmented reality applications.

In my thesis I study the appication of the available Android framework in general: the

expolartion of possible applications and if possible developing a maze game in augmented

reality. According to the initial plans, the game is applied to the space of each user, the

maze is in the augmented space. Moreover, in the paper I am present the architecture of

the game and the use of the fairly new Android components integrated in the architecture.

I study the testability of framework of the augmented reality.


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