Utilization of Augmented Reality on Android

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the computing power of the smartphones have reach the level to execute image processing algorithms using the preview image of it's camera and draw 3D images in realtime.

The basic idea of the Augmented Reality (AR) is to extend the reality through the camera by identify the surroundings. It can happen in several ways. With the sensors (GPS, g-sensor, compass) we can identify our exact position, direction and view. We also can recognise objects via image processing which can lead us to calculate our relative position and direction to it. A special case of this is to use an easily recognizable so-called markers.

During my thesis i am introducing an innovative application. With this application the workers at building operations can see the waterpipes and electricity wires in the wall through the camera and it decreases the probability of inducing damages. There is also a chance to use this application in an online catalog where the customers can download the models and try it at home or just see it in real size in 3D. Anyone can make his own extension to a space defined by markers and upload it where the users can download and try them.


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