Possible implementation of Augmented Reality on mobile phone

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays mobile phones and tablets are reached such a high level in software and hardware capabilities, that they can easily replace a desktop pc in solving less complex tasks.

This huge computing capacity and small size associated with great mobility, therefore on a device like this we can use such an application, which is cannot be used on a traditional pc or notebook.

The Augmented Reality app, that will be implemented by me, belongs to this type of applications. These applications are augmenting the real world with virtual objects. If Augmented Reality connected with mobile devices, we can create an application, that makes us see the real world augmented with non existing objects through it's camera.

Before the development I will study the already existing Augmented Reality applications and I will select an Augmented Reality platform for the development.

In my application I will use my own markers for positioning a virtual object in the real world. In the application the user can create simple cuboid objects, but they can import more complex ones, which have been created on a pc with modelling application and saved in some open format.

The user can upload his own objects and share them through a cloud service, and they can download others' shared objects from here too.


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