Development of an augmented reality server and demonstration client

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The aim of this thesis to describe how to create an online database, based on Augmented Reality-based mobile services, which whit the user's own concepts can apply in practice, with the individual three-dimensional graphic models uploading options.

The thesis of essential functions can be divided into three large units.

Mobile clients application:

• I selected an Augmented Reality-based Android operating system developer package.

• This realized for constructing an application mobile clients, which with a barcodescanner and a phone's camera, identify the perceived barcodes and then connects to the online database server through a web service, and asks the barcodes associated with the 3D model of the remote server. After scanning data, the pre-loaded, and sought 3D model, will appear on the display, over the scanned barcode, which can be either a text, or an arbitrary object in the user's needs.

Web service, as a communication channel to achieve:

• I designed and implemented the online database and mobile clients interconnection architecture.

• Implemented a web service, what is between the web server and mobile client, which transmit the model of the extended virtual reality applications.

Online portal for implementing model uploader:

• I met with ASP.NET MVC 3 technology.

• I created a web server application interface, where users can upload the three-dimensional models for the mobile clients.

• I realized, that the portal generates the mobile client needed barcodes, associates to the uploaded model and offers a printout for the user.

• Users can download the mobile application portal from the uploading portal.

The design and implementation of processes are documented in the thesis.


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