OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Windows Explorer found in Microsoft’s operating systems, the popular Total Commander, Directory Opus, FreeCommander and Altap Salamander, and Mac OS X’s Finder are all extensible file manager applications. To extend their functionality, one typically needs to use C + + or Delphi, the ease of use of which has already been superseded by more recent languages and tools. One of these languages is C#, that can be used with .NET framework and allows quicker and easier development than C + + and much more developers know and use it. My file manager application – that unlike the other file managers follows a strict object oriented paradigm – was written using .NET 4.0, can be extended by writing a plugin in any of the .NET languages, and exposes more extension points than the most of other file managers. Facing trends dictated by other file managers by creating visual confusion from functional amplitude, my file manager provides its users with a clean and simple graphical user interface, focusing on ergonomic use.


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