Developing an extensible file manager on .NET

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is the improvement of an already existing file manager which was developed in the university and is built on the .NET framework. The application was developed with extensibility in mind and as such uses the MEF framework, which allows third parties to develop their own file system components and to use them in the application as new components or by replacing the existing ones.

During my work I focused on improving the already existing functions and developing new ones to expand the usability of the application. In the first phase of my work I finished two components, which in their initial state were not working according to specifications. These were the OneDrive (SkyDrive) and DropBox components, which allow access to remote storages with the application. In the second phase I started developing a new plugin, which allows interacting with FTP servers.

I also made some slight modifications to the core application, adding a new feature dealing with the execution of file operations, which limited the usability of the application. This new feature gives the users the option to list the queued file operation, modify the order in which they are executed, remove operation which are no longer necessary and to start the whole execution process.


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