Selection Guide fo Low Voltage Surge Arresters

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis is written about designing coordinated low voltage surge protection systems. The purpose is helping the designer and give a systematic description about the most important parts of this topic, and give the Reader a view about what kind of surge protection devices are used nowadays.

I organized the parts of this topic the following way: First, I described how can atmospheric high voltage reach our energy supply system, then I wrote down the most specific lightning parameters to describe the order of magnitude. Then I showed what kind of typical protection devices are available in the present, and gave a short description about its’ main parameters. Then I wrote down how the protection system works. After these theoretical parts I described the most important preconditions to know before start planning, based on the concerning standards and literature. Then I described the steps of calculating data for the system planning, where I also based my statement on standards.

The second main part was written about manufacturers’ devices. I summarized the regulations of the manufacturers’ about how to plan a coordinated system, then I showed the main distinctive functions about the product lines. I studied about three manufacturers: Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact, and Dehn + Söhne.

In the third part I created a product chooser software. During my work I collected 250 devices’ catalogue datas in a database, and then I created a surface where the user can give main criteria parameters about choosing from this database. I wrote complicated excel functions and a visual basic macro. to reach the goal of my conception. It helps the designer to choose without reading hundreds of pages of catalogues, and gives a good view about the differences between the manufacturers’ devices.


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