Application of clustering method in glyph identification

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

In my paper I summarize the theory of cluster analysis, and I present this analysis’s methods. Since this analysis is very diversified, it’s more important to introduce the elemental parts. The aim to use this kind of analysis to develop old written characters relationships.

From the old scripts, I have chosen kazaharian script (KR) from the 7. and 11. century, which used in East-Europe. The historians did not reveal everything about this script. After that, I came to know a database, which contained different kind of characters’s attributes from KR. These attributes represented the history of the characters, which is based on written historical remembrances.

The aim of my thesis to cluster analyze this database. It’s important to note, that this method is objective, based on mathematics. With this analysis we can reveal the character’s relationships.

With this analysis I have succeed to confirm hypothetical theories, about the characters relationships.

It was an important point of view to develop a software, which can be used for the above analysis, and can be used in the future for more detailed cluster analysis on different kind of databases.


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