Design and implementation of a client-server application in Android

OData support
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Considering a group of people that are going to travel altogether but in different vehicles and the main aim of this application is to make the travelling much easier by providing a good and easy usable interface to make it possible for the travellers to see each other on the map and be able to communicate by different easy button presses or custom messages. It is important to have a simple interface so that if the user is the driver too, it would be easy using the app and driving at the same time by just pressing some buttons.

Any of the application users can create a new trip with choosing the starting point and the destination point using maps and a date for the trip using calendar. The user, which creates the trip, will be the leader and can manage the members of the group and main general trip information while normal members can only add or invite their friends to join the trip.

From the time that user either creates or joins any trip, the details can be seen about the trip and also there will be a map which locations of all the members of that trip will be shown on it. It is possible for the users to send some simple messages to each other and notify the others about their current situation.

Messaging is one of the most important parts of Road Trip application and there are two different types of messages that any user can use and these two basically depending on which Activity is user at. These messaging possibilities are called custom messages and one-tap messages. Custom messages are designed in order to give this opportunity to the user to be able to send any kind of textual message to all the companions of the trip, this message type is only accessible in Trip Details part of the application (for sending), but can be received while the user is in any part of the application. One-tap message is designed to be in the actual map of the trip in order that user (or driver) would be able to send fast message only by pressing a button and notify all the other companions about his/her predefined message.

The server side of this application is handled using “Parse” which the information related to the users will be stored in the tables in real time which is important for this kind of application. These tables are basically the database for the application and all the information are stored and accessed later by querying over the tables. There are Trips, Friends, Users, tables, etc.… where each has different fields about the storing data.


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