Simulation and measurement of the internal temperature distribution in climatic chambers

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Dr. Ress Sándor László
Department of Electron Devices

The different measurements are among the most important technical tasks these days. The same physical principles are prevalent in cases of electronic devices or heat produc-ing components just as in case of building automation, the comfort and clime design. There are numerous methods and applications available for the simulation and measure-ment of heat distributions in a specific volume. The task is to measure the airflow and the heat distribution of a closed space particularly in a clime chamber and process the received data. The comparison between the calculated and measured values is of the utmost importance. To achieve this, it is required to know at least one suitable mathe-matical turbulence model used in computational fluid dynamics. Thanks to this model it is possible to calculate and show the velocity and temperature in the space. Other parts of the engineering task are the selection of the required sensors and the programming of the processing units. Temperature sensors, LON bus driver modules and overall system control DDC units made by Honeywell Int. are perfectly suitable to implement such a design. I did an extensive research on the technical literature, based on the required model and measurement techniques. The measured quantities were the airspeed in the inlets around the room, and the temperature in specified points. The measuring process required to improve the previously implemented design. To accomplish this I set up a serried system. Some part of the electronic sensor hub and the bus system for data trans-fer also the control system design was part of the project.


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