Further development and automatisation of a clinical chemistry photometer

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Dr. Sántha Hunor
Department of Electronics Technology

I was working on my thesis at Orvostechnika Ltd., under supervision of Peter Tabajdi.

During our four semester period, we were developing Lab-Analyze Stat, a totally automatized version of the already in use, Lab-Analyze clinical-chemistry photometer.

Orvostechnika Ltd. came up with Lab-Analyze in 2001, first in the Hungarian, and later

on the international market. The company is continuously developing and manufacturing the device, considering the users requests, and the competitor products. The customers are mostly veterinary, and clinical laboratories.

The photometer is to determine certain blood parameters in the human body, such as

glucose, phosphor in a fast, and accurate way. The advantage of the instrument is that the doctor can provide a diagnose in just a few minutes by using it. Our aim was creating an even more user friendly, and even more accurate device.

My thesis is summarizing my four semester work.

First part of my work was the literaturesearching, when I studied the machine (virtue and functions). My personal job was, the planning of the parts ( lineator, diluter, optical block, needlepositioner, sampletransporter and the power supply) in Solidedge 3D CAD

software. After to the planning, I did cheacking measurements too, wherewith I attested

the stringent run of the photometer.


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