Code revisionig software development

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During development of large and complex software numerous process steps are necessary to ensure the quality of the resulting product. For certain areas this is also enforced by regulatory requirements. One of such quality requirements is that source code undergo a code review by developers other than the original author. This process step enables companies to discover bugs in code at the earliest stage of development. Discovery of such flaws at a later point in time would jeopardize economical factors and could potentially result in deterioration of customer satisfaction.

The task is to compile the requirements of and implement a Code Review tool that is fully integrated with the Version Control and Integration System used at evosoft Hungary Ltd. An important requirement of the software to be implemented is to adhere to all legislation in force at the market of the software being developed at the company, but also to be in full compliance with the companies own Quality Management System - both in terms of operation and the documents produced by the software.


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