A UML Code Generator in Eclipse Platform

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, the growing use of model-based software development contributes significantly to the increase in the quality of software produced. It is important, because the complexity of softwares increased significantly, which means potentially more mistakes.

The most commonly used modelling language in model driven software development is UML (Unified Modeling Language). In UML we can easily define the static, structural features of the model as well as the dynamic, behavioural properties. In my work I used static class diagrams.

A wide range of UML editors are available nowadays, one of them is UML Tools, which is an Eclipse plug-in for editing UML models. However it does not provide code generator functionalities. UML Tools uses the services of EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework), which is a metamodelling framework used by the Eclipse community providing good interface to the models.

In my work I have developed an Eclipse code generator plug-in, which can generate Java source code from existing UML class diagrams. My plug-in is able to synchronize between the source code and the UML model in both directions during the software development.

In my thesis I introduce the technologies I used in my work. One of them was EMF, which supports the handling of models and metamodels in Eclipse environment. I used MDT for the construction of UML models and for the navigation in them. In the synchronization procedure I used the AST component of the JDT.


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