Code generation from UML based on Xtend

OData support
Dr. Suba Gergely
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the world of today one of the most important resources is time, which is the base of each activity, task and work. This is why there are more and more of this types of projects, where the time factor can be reduced (for example during the easier editing or modifying). Therefore the number of design programs are increasing these days.

In this case we can see this practice in software engineering. These developments are reducing the development time, and through this, money and time savings are happening. Sometimes the software developers need an abstract model from the application. Whereupon later the development will be easier and the developers can get an overview of the project in a visual form. We can generate code from the created models which describes the source in more detail. (for example the relations of the model elements to each other or the description of the model components’ operation).

My task in this thesis was to create an application what is capable of code generation which can create the required source code files from an arbitrary model what’s content is equivalent with the model. It was important that I have to implement the code generation with the given technique. With this method we can easily modify the project further on if we want to change the output of the application or we want to add a new language. This method was the usage of xTend language because with it the programmer can create a transparent string generator. The base of the code generation is the UML language, because it is a cornerstone modeling language in software development.


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