Implementing a code generator using the Eclipse platform

OData support
Kövesdán Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Ever since the beginning of Information Technology, software developers try to come up with new technics, that will help the process of the development for a software much faster and much simpler. One of these technics’ modern variant is the model-driven engineering.

Developers make models for their software to be prepared with as many details as they want. Later, they use these models in every phase of the development, especially in the designing and the implementation phase. People, who are not familiar with Informatics, can help creating the software’s model, and there are a lot other advantage in the usage of a model.

The main article of my thesis is to study and present model-driven engineering, as a modern development technic. For this purpose, I will expose an old problem and I will re-solve it once again but with the help of models.

This problem is nothing less, than the problem of character encodings, character sets and their diversity. A lot of solutions and softwares have been already made, but none of those did actually use models. After I have created my own solution for the problem of character encoding, I will acquire an outcome of how easy and clean this new style of development can be.


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