Code Quality Assurance and Unit Testing in Agile Software Developement Methods, using Python

OData support
Sógorné Dr. Balla Katalin
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The agile software development methods emphasize the collaboration between developers and developer teams. Hence it is essential that the produced source code is written in an appropriate and readable manner. If a clean coding style is followed during the development processes, the need for documentation can be reduced and other developers could understand the source code even without inline comments. Therefore the maintenance of the software will be less difficult and it can support the effectiveness and sustainability of the software development projects too.

As well as in all engineering tasks, it is necessary to handle the difficulties of problem solving in software engineering. To deal with the complexity of the project, agile methods recommend developing and testing in small iterations. This can be supported with automation and integration.

In my thesis, I explain the nature of the agile software development methods. I also describe how Python, as an object-oriented scripting language, helps the code quality assurance and unit testing. Besides the built-in support, external tools are covered as well. Furthermore, I also investigate how these methods and tools can be automated and integrated with a version control system. Based on this, I set up a continuous integration system at the end of my thesis.


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