Improvement of cognitive abilities by computer games

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Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the growth of average age the mental decline keeps concerning more and more people. Therefore it’s prevention or at least it’s detention, and the early recognition of it becoming chronic is getting even more important for the individual and the society as well. Hence the aim of my thesis is the introduction of cognitive abilities and services that are capable of improving them, alongside with the development of two logic games which we can use as preventive and diagnostic tools. After the review of a few significant cognitive abilities - that can be improved by computer games as well - I am going to explore the game list of some mayor websites that are dealing with mental health, including project M3W’s, which was developed at EMT by Andrási István. I am going to present the difficulties of the planning and development of the games that I have implemented within the framework of this project, and through the program’s structure, I am going to introduce the kind of information which we can acquire about the user’s cognitive abilities . After that, I am going to describe the services created in the M3W project alongside with the function and practical usage of the template files which were made to make game development easier. I am going to finish the thesis with the summary of the accomplishments, and I am going to recommend alternatives to improve the M3W framework and my own games.


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