Collaboration analysis within companies

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Humans are but dots in the picture of an organization. Today there are many different companies based on size, age, purpose, values, or structure; and people work tirelessly to better their business, to stay on board and to improve themselves.

Firstly I present the structures that we use to arrange companies to groups. The characteristics of the structures, their advantages and disadvantages play an important part in why organizations create their companies a certain way in different sectors, or with different ages and sizes.

Secondly I take a look at the surveys that human resource departments use to learn about their employees. These are based on the employees’ feelings, their impressions and values. From these survey types, I chose to base the logic of my system on sociometry. As its sole focus is on the connections between employees, it can tell me the most about the hierarchy of the group and the way it works. I also asked a group of people to fill in a questionnaire for me, and analysed their answers and came to my own conclusions about their group dynamics.

I outline the way I designed the system and the way the analysis works and how the visualisation should look. In a separate part, I mention the importance of having people completing the questionnaires in the system, as without them no data could be acquired. Also there is no point to the system without someone using it.


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