Development of an Android based client application for a collaboration supporting framework

OData support
Hartung István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the past few years due to the rapid development of information science by investing mobile instruments with higher performance it became possible for them to be converted into portable computers.The development of mobile hardwares made it possible to use real multitasking operating systems which can run kinds of applications that provide rich user experience. The new generation of mobile platforms amplify the application facilities by supporting multimedia and connecting network. Nowadays the Android is one of the most widely used platforms which can be used extensively in consequence of its openness and can said to be a really successful operating system with its big group of users.

During the development of information science we can hear of making more and more complex systems, softwares. By developing technology more and more complicated and more and more complex systems come to light. The improvement of these systems gives new challanges for the engineers. In today’s world’s projects it is not rare that hundreds or thousands of developers, programmers and testers have to work coordinately. In order to finish a new software in time it is important to keep deadlines by the system that one component only can be started when another has already been developed and tested. Planning and organizing of a project is much bigger work now than development itself.

The aim of my dissertation is planning and developing an Android-based client for a collaborative application. The client communicates the server by network, it downloads the changes, stores details of information which are available for users and it uploads changes for the server.


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