Supporting the execution of collaboration workflows in Integrated Development Environment

OData support
Dr. Hegedüs Ábel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In large-scale software systems, where many developers are involved in the development process, it is necessary to coordinate the tasks of contributing actors. These tasks can be described by collaborative workflows. There are several tools for planning and executing of such workflows, which implement different functionality, and use various technologies.

In software development nowadays, integrated development environments (IDE) are widely used, to make commonly used tools available on one user interface. Most IDE frameworks support functionality extensions for custom components.

In this thesis, I describe the design and implementation of a tool, which expands the functionality of an IDE, in order to support both participants and administrators of collaborative workflows. The tool allows users to (1) access the data of their assigned tasks, (2) indicate the completion of tasks, (3) provide basic supervisory functions and power to intervene in the process execution.

In order to support the communication between the IDE and the workflow management system, a standard communication interface is defined. Furthermore, both the structure of the data flowing between the components and the required data sets for executing the functions defined in the interface are specified.

Finally, the tool includes a graphical user interface, which is integrated into the IDE to make the functionality of the workflow management system available.


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