A Framework for Collaborative Modeling

OData support
Debreceni Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays more and more emphasis is placed on the model-based software development. This is used of bigger and bigger, and more and more complex system design. The associated technologies are constantly evolving. The aim of the MONDO EU FP7 research project is to develop adequacy efficiency and usability tools for the model-based software development. One such area, where there is no available mature technologies, is collaboration.

The BME MIT work-group, which has coordinated the MONDO project, and where I joined to, deals with the topic of model version controlling, and intended to answer the scalability challenges of merge.

I prepared an interface for the MONDO collaboration system within the confines of my dissertation (i), which provides a general framework for the following developments. (ii) I also designed and prepared the Workspace Tracker component, which is able to store in a compact form of the change-information of big models with the help of traceability model. For example this component can serve for input of merger.


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