Collaborative whiteboard web application using the Spring Framework

OData support
Dr. Majzik István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, more and more people work away from their workplace (e.g. from home) but continuously in an online environment. In these cases, collaboration, negotiation, and discussion cannot be done with personal involvement, but it can be effectively supported by online tools, even through the web use of the usual tools of meetings, such as jointly drawn drawings, notes.

The WebSocket protocol, supports the development of collaborative web applications, enabling a two-way communication channel between a client-side browser and a web server, unlike the request-response-based HTTP protocol.

Within the scope of my thesis, I functionally specify, plan, and partially implement a collaborative drawing web application that provides „best effort” like online interactivity through the WebSocket protocol. For the server-side solution, I present the services of the Spring Framework that provide a lot of support for developing various web applications. In addition, I present libraries useful for the client-side implementation, such as canvas drawing or WebSocket communication libraries written in javascript.

The presented plans, the implemented prototype, and technologies selected for the implementation can serve as a guide to provide solutions for problems encountered when developing web applications that require duplex communication.


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