Development of dormitory Information system

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of BME has so rich and large communal life, self-motivated groups, like Simonyi Károly College for Advanced Studies. It is hard to maintain data about these groups, like member-shipment, posts and history of student's activity. An existing system tries to solve this problem, but it is outdated at many point and many architectural changes needed to satisfy these emerging demands. These are hard to implement without proper documentation.

The goal of my thesis is to create a new, updated system to solve these tasks. I would like to present every step of planning that may come up during similar projects. Without completeness these are the analysis of the current system, specifying proper requirements, and architectural planning. The proper documentation of these steps are so important to create strong base for further development. My goal is to create a complex student database, that can help the faculty's and student hostel's communal life. The system's name is 'Profil és Körök' (Profile and Groups), shortly 'PéKNext!', which refers to next iteration.

I have done full function analysis and specified the functional and not functional requirements as first steps. After that, I have examined many MVC frameworks, and I have chosen the most fitting one. As next step I have planned the system's architecture. At this point I have drafted many UX improvements, which helps to create more user-friendly application. As finishing my thesis I have managed to achieve a test ready state of the application.


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