Designing cost and energy efficient hardware for middlerange packet switched wireless data transmission

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

I wrote my thesis at a company called iData Kft. This company provides services for fleet tracking management and vehicle protection, but they are always extending their scale of services. That is how the idea of a radio communication device came up, for implementing a mesh network protocol. Until now, all the devices of the company have communicated through a wired RS-485 interface using UART protocol. This did not cause any problems, since nearly all of the applications take place in small environments, like vehicles. But using all kinds of several new and different devices (e.g. temperature and humidity sensor, motion-sensor, human-machine interface) in bigger environments (e.g. warehouses, shopping centers), wiring could mean serious tasks and cost. This could be solved by using radio communication. So the first phase of the development is designing prototypes of radio boards, which can create point-to-point connection between each other. Then the transmission capabilities of the prototypes can be measured. This is the main purpose of my thesis. After those measurements, further hardware developments can be made. Later the possibly optimized hardware can be used for developing the mesh protocol may also using an embedded operating system.


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