Effective media encoding system development

OData support
Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

One of today’s most prosperous IT sectors is media content delivery. For this to happen, the IP based coding of incoming signals from studios is indispensable. There are several solutions for this at Antenna Hungaria Zrt, and it made me think about if it was possible to reach similar functionalities with open source software.

In my dissertation, I have reviewed the technical background of video coding, today’s most popular technologies, and their stories. I have thoroughly examined one of the multifunctional encoding platforms and reviewed those services of it, which are the most commonly used for producing online streaming.

I created the functional specification of the used services, making it the base of a cost effective, complex video coding system. All functions are comfortably manageable through a website that serves as the UI of the system. The big advantage of using this web page as the UI, is that the coding system can be manageable from a standard browser, therefore, there is no need for installing other, specific software.

After the specification and planning, I formed the necessary infrastructure for the system and, with the help of examining the latest techniques of creating a web page, I was able to create the perfect user experience on the platform. This includes the design elements as well as the services running in the background.

Based on the specification, I implemented the system, where its components communicate with the help of web-based micro services. This solution helps the further expansion of the infrastructure without the need of specific protocol for exchanging information within the system.

At the end of the dissertation, I have thoroughly examined the completed system, which met the previous specifications, serving the user needs flexibly and controllably. I have also covered the possibilities for further improvements, which could potentially increase the service quality, thereby easing the operational work and helping the integrations for further functions.


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