Expense Manager Application Development on Universal Windows Platform

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most important issues of nowadays households is being able to keep our finances within definite bounds without getting into debt by different credits and loans. This question is particularly relevant for me since I have just started living on my own, thus managing my finances has also become my responsibility. Sparing and planning is a common concern of many people which makes their own and their family’s life harder.

The program I have created finds a solution to the mentioned problem with the recreation of an already existing financial management. This is the so called "envelope system’’ which point is to thematically limit our outgoings every beginning of the month accordingly to our incomes. The observance of this system helps sparing and we can save up money for our upcoming goals more easily. The program I have set up makes the application of the system more practical and clear which gains us time. It automates certain steps, organizes the previously added items which we can also track down.

The ready computer application realizes the mentioned „envelope system” and expands it with functions. During the preparation I gave vent to the possibility of expansion, thus it can be complemented with further functions.


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