Expense Manager Application Development on ASP.NET and Angular

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays traveling has become more and more popular since a lot more person could afford to themselves thanks to the rise of Airbnb or the low-cost airlines. When you are traveling accompanied by your friends, the handling of common costs is always a difficult question among the travellers. The administration of these costs could consume quite a lot of time. When a bigger company is traveling together usually one of them undertakes the whole responsibility of administering the costs, however since we could pay several times during even at a long weekend, the organisation of the expenses could be a lot difficult then it seemed at first glance.

Considering the fact that in each company all of us can have different devices (Mac, iOS, Android), to handle these problems the easiest way is a web application as all the modern platforms have a browser. The application offers an interface for the registered participants, so they have the opportunity to simplify and makes transparent the management of all costs. In addition everyone who joined the private groups could see all the expenses and those items which he/she hasn’t paid for yet.

The main purpose of my thesis is to develop a web application which’s server side part uses the latest ASP.NET Core framework, therefore it could run on Windows, Linux and Mac servers too. The client connected to the server is written in one of the most popular JavaScript framework Angular2.

The gained experience acquired by writing my thesis I could improve later on and also use it in my daily work in order to be more efficient and professional.


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