An expense manager framework in .NET

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Cash flows form an important part of our lives but it is almost impossible to keep in mind all the financial items that arise. You can easily lose the thread between different kinds of bill payments, purchases, unexpected expenses or salaries. We may get to the point when we feel that it is necessary to find a reliable place to store the costs. Today's IT solutions allow us to make these tasks easy even with a wide range of platform support.

In my work I have created an expense manager framework that can efficiently manage the expenses and incomes electronically in a systematic way and allow us to browse the items using various reports and filters. We can determine the system profile by the customization of the cost categories according to our needs, allowing this software to be used either for personal purposes or in a small business environment. The introduction of user roles made it possible that only administrators are able to take part in the handling of categories so the basic users have to deal only with their costs management.

The constructed framework presented in this thesis is based on .NET and implements a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The core of the system is a WCF service that provides access to the business logic for the clients, ensuring the processing and storage of data as well. I have created two different client applications: a web client based on ASP.NET MVC extended by Twitter Bootstrap and Telerik Kendo UI packages, and a mobile client for Windows Phone 8 platform was also developed.

The system can be easily extended by adding new client applications that are connected to the service so we only need to develop the appropriate user interface and platform specific parts.


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