Personal budget management system in .NET

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Record of budget of a household or a person is carried out with electronic devices. It’s important for users to access their data more easily and as many as possible devices and ways. The most adequate method to do that is usage of dedicated clients and web application.

One of the advantage of the electronically keeped budget is faster data input. In addition transparency and processing of data will be easier by using diagrams and automatically calculated values.

Important requirement for such applications is to be easy to handle for the user. User interface follow platform features and guidelines. Their structure should be clean and transparent.

The achievement of these goals requires a distributed system which built by three main components. One of these components is a database, which stores data of users and budgets. This data should be available for the clients. This is the function of the server application, which offers the same services to all clients. The third component is the group of different clients.

In my dissertation, I implemented such framework, which can keep a record of budgets. I store data on MSSQL database server. I used WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to accomplish necessary services and communication to the clients. I’ve created three client applications which use services of the WCF application. An ASP.NET MVC-based Web, an Android-based mobile and a Windows Store application.


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