Automated budget planning processes

OData support
Györfi László Dr.
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

The goal of the thesis is to provide a new solution for Lufthansa Systems Hungaria Kft (LSYH hereinafter) regarding its Microsoft Excel based yearly budget planning process. The system must be redesigned, simplified. The new solution will allow the users involved in the budget planning process to complete their tasks more simply and efficiently.

The thesis will first introduce the task and the client (LSYH). Then the topic of the thesis, the yearly budget planning will be introduced. In the next section the task and its requirements will thoroughly be defined and analysed. The planning process will be introduced in the oncoming part, and the different technologies which got identified shall be presented. Then we will get an insight on the development and testing processes. Finally the results will get evaluated.

The author was able to efficiently use his knowledge obtained during his studies and successfully integrate his competence in the thesis. Furthermore the requirement analysis was successful and the designed and developed demo program was introduced to the clients. Remaining tasks are to finish the development of the application, integrate it into the LSYH Intranet, which will be expected to be finished till the next budget planning period.


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