Design of a Combined Solar-Wind Energy System for Ship Propulsion

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Dr. Járdán R. Kálmán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The depletion of fossil energy sources and the environmental pollution, they cause one of the biggest challenges todays. As a part of the prevention process, wider consumption and development of renewable energy sources get even bigger roles. One of these fast growing and popular sectors are the electrical vehicles. A great example for them is the electric-based sail boat, which can efficiently utilize the wind and solar energy.

My final project investigates the potential ways of sail boats driven by electric motor, where the energy is provided by wind and solar energy. The different power source elements charge the battery with the help of converters, which can also be easily connected to electric grid of the harbours. The battery supplies the appropriate amount of energy for the electric motor via an inverter.

In the first part of my final project the components of the electric drive systems, especially the theoretical background of the relevant solar panels are described. With the help of a model, which was created in a Matlab/Simulink environment, in the second part of my study I demonstrate the dynamic behaviour of sail boats in different circumstances. The operation of a solar panel related MPPT algorithm is also presented.

At the end of my final project I present approximate calculations about the costs and define the cruising range of the boat.


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