Communication in client-server software systems

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, offline programs are outdated on the most popular application areas, connected applications are the new trend. Users spend most of their time on the Internet when using their computer or any other mobile device.

In the past decades, developers used to write PC programs in one language, and those applications were mostly standalone, so it was not necessary to communicate with any application other than the operating system.

Today though, in the world of online applicaitons, it is an essential design question what the responsibility of the different layers should be and how they should communicate with each other.

In this thesis, I am going to present this topic through a real-life business software, a project of Morgan Stanley. My task at the company has been to design the communication strategy of the software components. While completing the task, I were documenting the process of research, design and implementation.

In my work, I examined and compared the methods used in applications with different purposes (MMORPG games, social websites, chat, enterprise systems). After that, I presented the technologies and possibilities in connection with the topic. Finally, I analysed a concrete problem from multiple points of view. I chose the best looking of the possible solutions to present in detail, implement and evaluate.


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