Development of a communication and synchronization module

OData support
Dr. Timár András
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays, the interest towards the development of autonomous vehicles highly increased from car manufacturers and IT companies.

However, this development is much more complex, than it seems.

A self-driving car's control algorithm requires precise timing of the different sensors' measurements.

These sensors' inner clocks have not been fully synchronized. In such a complex robotic system, this inaccuracy can affect the stability of the entire system, leading to a reduction in computing performance.

I was tasked with designing a module capable of synchronizing the sensors, processing incoming data, and forwarding measurements to the autonomous car's central processing unit, in a given communication protocol.

My thesis presents this module, the Sensor Interface Box, explaining its concept of synchronization, its design schematic and software structure.

Besides these, it discusses the general concept of the autonomous car's control algorithm and helps to understand the necessity of the module.


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