Requirements for a network ccarrying e-Government communications

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Jakab Tivadar
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) nowadays affects the whole society. The evolution of technology combined with governments’ commitment for modernisation together with the changed public needs (the idea of „service provider state”) resulted in the formation of a brand new domain: e-Government. e-Government coming to the front enables new types of government services. For this a widely accesible, secure infocommunication background (infocommunication network infrastructure) is necessary which is able to satisfy the emerging traffic demands. In my thesis work, I design and analyse such a network using strategic design methods.

In the first part of my thesis, I present a review on e-Government issues in general and its current situation in Hungary. Then I analyze the requirements of a countrywide communication network which provides government services. In this section I suggest new e-Government applications, from which I derive general and application specific requirements. Based on these requirements and the hierarchy of Hungarian public administration I outline the network model. During the design process existing infrastructure must be taken into consideration in order to minimize construction costs. Taking into account these aspects, I design and compare some possible cable topology variations using FLAXPLANET a software developed by Department of Telecommunications. In a second case study I analyze the effect of alternative construction in the backbone layer. A DTR (Down Time Ratio) analysis is performed for every Budapest-Town of County Rank pair, comparing 1 and 2 route access of Towns of County Rank from Budapest.


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