Communication interfaces by Siemens CP340 communication processor module

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The control tasks of industrial process control systems, can be divided into

several sub-units, which co-ordinated operation is essential for the stable and reliable

operation of the system. To connect process near, and higher level of functional units, it

is necessary to make an interface between these, to hide the structural differences of

their communication methods. I have implemented such communication interfaces in

my thesis, that I made by Gamma Digital Kft. as a part of implementing a complete

process control system of a straw-burning power plant block in Pécs. The biomass is

conveyed and stored by an automated system. The electric engines of the conveyor

system are controlled using frequency inverters made by Schneider Electric. These

inverters communicate, and transmit status informations with Modbus protocol. To

identificate the trucks, they transfer straw bales, the system uses RFID cards and readers

made by Netronix. Both tasks use RS-485 transmission technology and connected to

the PLC-s trough Siemens CP-340 communication processor module. My job was to get

acquainted with devices take part in data exchange, with their protocols, and to develop

software that handles communication, and stores data in directly usable form for the

higher level functional units.


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