Analyzer and visualization tool for communication protocols

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The main goal of the master thesis is to enhance the functionality of the application PANAMA (Protocol Analyzer And Animator), which is capable to analyze and display the captured results of communication protocols in a distributed system (e.g. wifi, sensor and other mesh networks).

The application in current state needs further development in order to reach higher level of usability. The implemented features are the following. Firstly the program sorts the captured packets in chronological order based on the references given in a configuration file. Secondly it supports the text based (in xml file format) editing of the configuration file. In addition it shows the network structure, and animates the transfer of messages. The content of the packets is expounded by thsark. Moreover the application displays the sequence diagram of messages in a separate window, and supports the labeling of packets based on the real content of messages.

The master thesis has to supplement PANAMA with the features described below.

Plan and develop a message ordering algorithm, which is capable to compensate the lack of synchronization of the node clocks, and which mirrors the elapsed time between sending and receiving events. Create a separated application for two or more different network device, with which the capturing phase can be controlled (started, ended), and the captured packets can be collected. Support automatic building of configuration file for the separate application!

Develop more intuitive editor for configuration files. Integrate the sequence diagram into the main window of PANAMA. Prove the correctness of the application with examples, and summarize the results!


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