Development of communication layer to support distributed algorithms in mobile phone environment

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the improvement of mobile devices and technology there are more possibilities ahead of us to make new, more complex and resource demanding tasks. Fast internet connections are paving the path enabling to make applications, in which communication with each other is becoming a central feature.

This thesis is part of a project where the goal is to achieve a system, which helps distributed algorithms to run with mobile environment support. Another objective is to attain a data collector algorithm, which runs in Android environment, using the above mentioned system. The essence of the data collector algorithm is that it supports the collection of user preference data by a central server, where the collected data is provided to the system by the user itself.

The project can be divided to three parts, which are the data collector, the server and the communication layers. The data collector layer is made by Júlia Bárdi, the server side by Gergő Antal Gergely, and the communication module belongs under my responsibility.

This thesis covers the message types required for the support of distributed algorithms, which include the area of dealing with connecting/ disconnecting devices to a running algorithm, supporting the changes in jobs and helping to start and stop algorithms. It is also dealing with syncronisation problems and sending results of evaluation to the partners.

After introducing the message types of the communication layer, I introduce the implemented system and the data collector algorithm. Part of the project is to discuss the possibilities of security issues in connection with communication and the effects of these layers to the system performance.


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