Development of Compact, Network-Based Hot Water Measuring Device

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Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Industrial data acquisition systems has been developed since years at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. A family of modular devices were born in result of these developments, which makes easier to establish more complex industrial acquisition systems. Along the success of this system there were industrial demand for a more compact device that provides almost the same functionality as the modular one, but at a more favorable price for smaller systems, that needs less input channels. Since there are less channels to process, the device can handle not only the results of direct measurable data but derived amounts, that can be determined through more complex calculations such as the measurement of transferred thermal energy.

The device that is my development based on, and discussed in my thesis is the Smart Network Server (SNS). The main functionalities of SNS were to attache other data acquisition systems to upper levels of business control through the ethernet network, and to provide remote supervisory for them. There were possibility to use the SNS as an independent system, with its different input modules, but had only a remote supervisory interface and therefore the users needed separate device (portable computer) to manage and supervise its working, directly near the technology, where SNS was routed. The purpose of my development is to solve this problem by attaching a human-machine interface (HMI) to SNS, to make most of the supervisory and parametering function accessible directly.

The first part of my thesis demonstrates the problems and process of a specific application (transferred thermal energy of heated water). The part after that gives an overview about the hardware of SNS and its controller unit, the Rabbit 4000 microprocessor and RCM4200 Core module. Then I describe the hardware development from the specification to the manufactured circuit. Finally I write about the development environment Dynamic C and the programs running on the device.


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