Development of competency map from text documents

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The environment around us is abound in information. Although these informations are hardly categorizable or processable for the users and for the information seekers. Therefore it seems obvious to create systems that perfom the indexing and the classification. The current solutions to such problems are search engines that are mostly not suitable for small environments, as the sophisticated search of subject sheets and teacher's knowledge at Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. The complete system offers a solution for the mentioned problem: it helps to visualize the teacher’s competencies. There is also an opportunity for the users to search for teachers with similar attributes. Moreover it is easier to find the relevant subjects which fall in the field of interest of the students. The competency map which is based on the mentioned corpus could be helpful to satisfy the university's inside necessities. The improved version of the program could be able to work with more complex systems, like ones which manage human resources.


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