Development of a complex knowledge base system supported by windows phone 7 client

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of my thesis covers one of the newest technologies of the .NET framework. I had the opportunity to get myself familiar with developing ASP.NET MVC applications and designing user interface with Sketchflow.

My main task was to develop a web portal which gives access to a company’s stored data via an intranet network. The services of the web application can also be accessed via a Windows Phone mobile client. In addition to the basic functions of the portal, several further modules were created to extend its functionality.

The section module sorts the knowledge resources into sections, so that users can find the content more easily. The news module allows posting news of system events in an instant or a timed way. One of the key functions of the system is permission control, which is implemented by the permission module. It can control the access to system resources based on a set of permission rules. It was an important design requirement that the rules can be applied to both individual users and groups as well. This solution significantly simplifies the complexity of the permission mechanism. The version module is responsible for managing different versions of the stored content and ensures that only the most recent data is available to the users. The article and the history module were created in the final phase of the development process. Adding, deleting, modifying and searching articles are the main features of the article module. It also enables to manage the comments and attachments of each document. Finally, the history module is related all of the previously mentioned functions. It logs all activity (when, who and what happened) in the database.


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