Development of a complex document and project management system

OData support
Dr. Szigeti Krisztián
SE Biomedical Engineering MSc

Modern preclinical imaging centers generally face dual challenges: On one hand, they need to effectively handle datasets in the order of several terabytes while ensuring on-demand availability of data and enabling collaborative editing of documents.

On the other hand, core facility management that includes managing stock, scheduling equipment, registering and tracking animals and radiopharmacons, billing and other administrative duties put a lot of burden on the staff.

Laboratory information management systems offer solutions for both problems, however, there is currently no available software that specifically caters for the needs of preclinical imaging laboratories. Hence developing a custom solution is inevitable.

During my work I study in detail the procedures of experiments carried out in the In Vivo Imaging laboratory of Semmelweiss University of Medical Sciences, in order to establish

an abstract framework that integrates workflow and the content that is created during the experiments.

By customizing Alfresco’s Enterprise Content Management Platform I offer a possible solution for the content and project management issues of the laboratory.

The aim of this work is not only to offer a specific solution for the Semmelweis In Vivo Imaging Center’s challenges but also to establish a framework for a general in vivo laboratory management system.


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