Complex event processing for the Internet of Things

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The concept of Internet-of-Things came increasingly into the view in the past years. The Internet-of-Things means a system of devices, what members sending data and communicate with each other over the internet. This type of systems often use the MQTT protocol to the communication, what makes faster the speed of messaging.

It is worth to illustrate these systems with modelling, and the easiest way to get data from the models is using queries on it. A query framework on models is the IncQuery, what can make queries on these systems models with excellent effectiveness. It can be use the acquired data to make atomic (or complex) events, and process them with an event processing tool. The VIATRA-CEP is one of these event processing systems, what can handle IncQuery pattern results as events.

The primary object of the project was to create a tool which able to describe sensor-made Internet-of-Things systems. Furthermore the user can add to these sensors simple criterions which allows the tool to generate IncQuery patterns and VIATRA-CEP event managing methods using these criterions.

Another object of the project was to generate elements what can use the event managing methods. These elements are for example the sensors data publisher and subscriber MQTT clients, or the component what make the connection between the VIATRA-CEP and the model.

Above these the application was presented by a simple case study, which makes its function and utility understandable.


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