Complex event processing for mobile sensor data streams

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, model-driven system- and software engineering is a widespread methodology in the domain of complex, critical embedded systems such as cyber-physical, Internet-of-Things or Smart Home systems. Some of the most important components of the methodology are the queries and transformations over models. These have key roles during interlingual transformations, automatic generation of source code, test cases and documentation, and also during real-time model-processing.

The VIATRA model transformation framework, developed by an international collaboration including the Department of Measurement and Information Systems, is an integral part of the Eclipse Modeling platform, which is used industry-wide. The framework, as part of several open source or commercial modeling tools, is one of the enabling technologies of model-driven engineering. The complex event processing module made for VIATRA provides several important services for the developers of Internet-of-Things systems, enabling the continuous, windowed processing of multiple parallel, asynchronous data-streams, and also the efficient evaluation of rules using complex structural conditions.

My objective is, as I join the development, to develop a mobile data accumulator application, which runs on iOS devices. The application should be able to harness the modern motion and psychological data collecting capabilities of the platform as it continuously transmits the sensor data to a complex event processing module, which runs on a remote server.


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