Development of a complex integration application in IBM Integration Bus framework

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The need for reusable, standard based and universally integrable IT systems is becoming a more and more important factor nowadays. Advances in technology offer new opportunities in this field, support ease of development and the decrease of implementation redundancies saves resources. But perhaps the most important aspect, from the viewpoint of corporations, is allowing their IT systems to keep pace with the ever-changing business demands.

In my thesis I introduce SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), an architectural approach for integrating different business processes. It is necessary to familiarize ourselves with the basic concepts and standards related to SOA before using the technology. I summarized these in the first part of my thesis.

I designed and developed a complex application based on SOA architecture in IBM integration environment. The application's documentation describes the planning, execution and testing stages of integrating the different systems of an insurance firm. The application integrates two systems and provides their functions on a standardized interface. It is also capable of communicating with Oracle databases and includes an e-mail sending service. Furthermore, the application also has monitoring, error logging and authenticating functions.

The goal of my thesis is to emphasize the SOA architecture's importance and central role in a corporate environment, keeping in mind both its advantages and disadvantages.


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