Development of a complex solar cell characterization system

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis I will explain the expansion of the complex solar cell characterization system, which has been developed by several students over the past few years at the Department of Electron Devices of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Last semester I joined the development of this system, for preparing the next milestone: the integration of a module capable of measuring the spectral response of solar cells. This is an important step toward determining the quality of the photovoltaic devices manufactured at the department, more expansively.

The main goal of my work was to integrate the partly designed illuminating and control unit of the spectral response measuring module to the system, while acquiring the theory of measuring the spectral response of solar cells. This covered the finalization of the printed circuit board designs, the construction and the testing of the circuits. Additionally I expanded the measurement software, to be capable to automatically record the spectral response function beside the voltage-current and voltage-power functions.


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