Design and realise of the complex reaction time measuring unit for disabled person's driving ability test

OData support
Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

Having a driving license could make the life of disabled people easier. Moreover, they would not need the help of others that much. Therefore, there is a need of a reaction time measuring unit which can help to decide whether they are able to drive or not.

I conducted a research in this topic: I investigated the breaking process and I planned the scheme of the system. I chose suitable devices and I defined some consideration regarding the measurement results in advance. This device is controlled by an ATMEGA16A microcontroller, so the software was developed in the Atmel Studio integrated development platform. I configured a portable unit which is similar to the pedal-layout of cars. Also, I designed a printed-circuit-board by the help of Altium Designer. Finally, I executed demonstration measurements and I checked the pertinence of my considerations.

The prime cost of this reaction time measuring unit – as a result of my thesis work – allows us to operate devices like this in every county of our land. Furthermore, all my invested efforts can have beneficial social effects.


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